I'm a Los Angeles based illustrator and designer. I love good stories and design of all kinds. I combine that passion into creating artwork for animation, games, broadcast tv and publishing. My background is in Film and TV Production; I have a BFA with honors from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
A little bit about the stories I'm developing:
*A Scottish Laird loses his fortune on a quest around the world to find the woman of his dreams {literally the woman he saw in a dream}, only to find her closer to home than he ever imagined.
*A humble tailor is called to the royal palace for the commission of a lifetime - to make a gown for the King's daughter. But the dream becomes a nightmare when he to discovers all is not as it seems inside the palace, and there's a force lurking beneath so evil that it will threaten not only Egypt, but the entire world order.
* A new take on an old classic, Alice falls down a French quarter manhole and becomes trapped in a magical, and cursed, Louisiana bayou. She soon learns that the only way back home is through the The Voodoo Queen of Hearts, who has a penchant for torturing her enemies with a sadistic magic - and Alice is enemy number one.
I'm also a coffee, cannoli, and 1960s soul music enthusiast.